class astropy.visualization.CompositeStretch(transform_1, transform_2)[source]

Bases: astropy.visualization.CompositeTransform, astropy.visualization.BaseStretch

A combination of two stretches.

stretch_1 : astropy.visualization.BaseStretch

The first stretch to apply.

stretch_2 : astropy.visualization.BaseStretch

The second stretch to apply.

Methods Summary

__call__(self, values[, clip, out]) Transform values using this stretch.

Methods Documentation

__call__(self, values, clip=True, out=None)[source]

Transform values using this stretch.

values : array-like

The input values, which should already be normalized to the [0:1] range.

clip : bool, optional

If True (default), values outside the [0:1] range are clipped to the [0:1] range.

out : ndarray, optional

If specified, the output values will be placed in this array (typically used for in-place calculations).

result : ndarray

The transformed values.