astropy.visualization.hist(x, bins=10, ax=None, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Enhanced histogram function

This is a histogram function that enables the use of more sophisticated algorithms for determining bins. Aside from the bins argument allowing a string specified how bins are computed, the parameters are the same as pylab.hist().

This function was ported from astroML: http://astroML.org/


x : array_like

array of data to be histogrammed

bins : int or list or str (optional)

If bins is a string, then it must be one of:

  • ‘blocks’ : use bayesian blocks for dynamic bin widths
  • ‘knuth’ : use Knuth’s rule to determine bins
  • ‘scott’ : use Scott’s rule to determine bins
  • ‘freedman’ : use the Freedman-diaconis rule to determine bins

ax : Axes instance (optional)

specify the Axes on which to draw the histogram. If not specified, then the current active axes will be used.

**kwargs :

other keyword arguments are described in plt.hist().


Return values are the same as for plt.hist()